How to Run Commands Automatically at Linux System Boot Up


If you always have to manually run services at every system bootup, do it no more! This article will show you how to automatically run anything at system bootup by adding the execution commands to the /etc/rc.local script. You will need SSH root access.
Difficulty level: Easy

1. Establish a SSH connection and login as root.

2. Open up /etc/rc.local with your favorite command line text editor. In this example, I will use ‘nano’.

nano /etc/rc.local

+To download nano:

yum install nano -y
apt-get install nano

3. For this how to, we want to make the sshd service start automatically, for that, we write the code on the very top.

4. Save with Ctrl+O and Exit nano with Ctrl+W

That is it; reboot your server to test it.

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  1. n0rbertt says:

    You could also do:

    chkconfig sshd on

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