6 Comments on Remove YouTube Logo from Embedded Videos in ClipBucket

  1. Zomail says:

    I have tried it on clipbucket demo site but the player never loads. Can you please provide the link where your above guide is implemented and working.


    • Hello,

      Two videos where uploaded to arvixeclipbucket [dott] com. Remember that it only removes their logo if you’re using their player; you won’t see any difference if you’re using pak or jw player for example.


  2. pankaj says:

    Hi richi,
    how we can do modestbranding with Mass embedder.I mean if we already loaded or are going to load 100 of videos.How we can do modestbranding with collective videos

  3. jernate says:

    Hi Richi, Is there any way to add sql so that modestbranding=1 is automatically added to each video currently in the database, as well as when using mass uploader?

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