How to Remove Notifications Link from Scrollable Header Box in Clip-Bucket v2


As you may have noticed already, notifications have literally no use in Clip-Bucket. The main developer, Arslan Hassan, even said once in a post at the Clip-Bucket forum, that the notifications system was a feature he wanted to implement, yet never had the time to finish it. So let’s free some space up there in the header box by removing the link to them. This article applies for those who use the default cbv2new template. These instructions may be exact for the whole v2 branch.


Remember to back up all the files that are going to be edited, in case you like to revert changes in the future.

1. Open ./styles/cbv2new/layout/header.html

2. Find and remove:

<span> | &lt;a <span>href</span>="{link name='notifications'}"&gt;{<span>lang</span> code='notifications'} ({$<span>cbpm</span>-&gt;get_new_messages('','notification')})&lt;/a&gt;</span>


3. Save and Upload.

There you are. Now go to your site and confirm that the link to the notifications has been removed. If you have any question, comment, article suggestion, or whatever, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than glad to assist you!

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