How to Remove Flagged Users in Clip-Bucket v2


Nobody likes to have users disturbing and molesting other users in our site, therefore, today, I’ll show you how to remove the users that have been reported for misbehaving. Works for the whole Clip-Bucket v2 branch.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Login to your admin_area (yoursite.tld/admin_area)

2. On the left column, find Reported Users, under Users tab. Click it.

You will now see all the users that have been reported. Before deleting them, I recommend checking for what they have been reported and finally take a decision whether they deserve the termination of their account or not.

3. To see why they were flagged for, hover on the user row. Click View Flags.

4. You will now see all the flags they have and by whom.

5. To delete the user, click on Delete User, in that same page

That’s it, you have now stopped somebody form ruining your great site! There’s no way to recover deleted users, so be wise when deciding. Any question, comment, or suggestion, feel free to post!

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