How to Remove Contents of an Element (div, ul, etc) with jQuery


As I’ve been recently working with a website that has a lot of jQuery and AJAX, and my jQuery knowledge was small, I was wondering how to remove the content of a <div> with jQuery. The solution was pretty easy and with just a line of code.

The element we are going to affect will be called ‘Target’.

1. Set the id of the Target to ‘ourtargetid’ (for example).

<div id='ourtargetid'></div>

2. In the <head> section of your document, wrapped between JavaScript tags, you will use the function remove().


So for your div we will use:


Easy as that. Now if you would like to remove something by its class attribute, we would use:


And that’s it. It is really simple, yet very useful when you want to remove an element dynamically. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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