How to Obtain a Dolphin Registration Key and Use It on your Installation

This post will give you a step by step outline on how to register Dolphin for free.

1) Set up Dolphin and log into your account. (instructions on how to set up Dolphin on your domain and log in can be found here)

2) After you log in, you should see this screen

3) Click the “BoonEx Unity” link.

4) Click the “Get BoonEx ID” button.

5) Fill out all the information required. You will need to choose a user name and password. You will also need to provide an email address, your date of birth, sex, country, city and postal code. (BoonEx is 100% secure) For the Headline, Tags and About Me sections you can just enter spaces if you wish to do so. Next you will need to upload a photo to use as your profile picture. (this is for BoonEx and NOT Dolphin) Check the box saying “I agree with Policy, Terms and Rules”. Finally, click the “Get BoonEx ID” button.

6) Once you have registered for a BoonEx ID click “My Licenses” under “Unity Home” on the left side of the screen.

7) Scroll down until you see “Dolphin Free”. Then click “Get Free Licenses”. You should then get a pop up saying “Licenses were generated successfully”

8 ) Your license code will then be put under the “License” section under “Dolphin Free”

9) Go back and sign into your admin account on Dolphin. When you get the screen that tells you to “Register this copy of Dolphin”, enter your license key where it says “License” and hit “Register”.

You will then be directed to the admin page of your Dolphin account. In the future, when you log in, you will go directly to the admin page.

That concludes how to obtain a Dolphin registration key by signing up for BoonEx.

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3 Comments on How to Obtain a Dolphin Registration Key and Use It on your Installation

  1. John Vincent Mauricio says:

    Just want to ask what type is the “dolphin free license” offered by arvixe? is it lifetime free license or it expires after a couple of months? will it remove all the dolphin links in my site? im seriously considering dolphin for my social community and buying a shared hosting with arvixe as i read many positive feedback in the web.

    any reply will be much appreciated.

    -John Vincent

  2. We do not sell or provide any paid licenses. The dolphin free license will not remove any dolphin links on the site.

  3. On the dolphin page it still says the license is unregistered? Why?

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