How to Reduce the Amount of System Logs Stored in the Elgg Database

Elgg by default keeps a system log. This can be useful when it comes to know what changes has been done to elgg. However, if you don’t control this, the loading speed of your elgg site could be affected because such logs are stored in the database.

To reduce the amount of system logs store in the database, we are going to use a tool that comes by default in elgg called logrotate. What it does is clearing out data in the database at intervals set by the administrator. This data is not deleted, but archived in the Elgg data folder and it reduces the overhead on the database. To activate this tool, login to your elgg site as an admin and follow these steps:

1) Go to the Administration Page

2) On the left menu of the Administration Page, click on Tool Administration and look for logrotate:

3) Once you find it, click on enable.

4) Once it has been enabled, look for the plugin again and you will see a link that says settings. Click on it to change how often should the system log should be clear out (week, month, year). Once a month is recommended if you have a lot of activity from the users of your web site.

5) After choosing the times it will run, click on save.

6) Now, logrotate will run once a month or the period of time that you choose.

It is strongly recommended that you activated this nice tool, not only to increase the loading speed of your elgg site, but also to keep your database clean.

This now concludes How to reduce the amount of system logs in the database in Elgg

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Happy Hosting!

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