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In this article I’ll show you the way to make your website go to any other one when it loads. This is useful if you have, for example, changed of domain name, and you want old users to be redirected to the new domain. This article is written for v2.0.91, but can give you an idea of doing the same thing on other versions. If you need a tutorial for other CB version, please let me know and I’ll write it for you. I always recommend backing up the files we are going to edit, in case you want to revert changes in the future.


Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open index.php located in the root of the CB script, ./*

2. The next line after “<?php“, add the following:

headers("Location: http://otherwebsite.tld");

You will need to replace otherwebsite.tld, with the desired address.

3. Save and Upload.


That’s it, you can now go into your website, and you’ll see that your website goes to the specified address without loading your website. Any comment, problem, etc, please let me know, I’ll more than glad to help you 🙂


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