How to Receive Better Technical Support

Providing fast and easy technical support is something that we strive for and pride ourselves on at Arvixe. Getting good technical support as fast as possible is something that everyone wants, because not being able to send emails or having down time can really hurt your website! To get the best technical support possible, please follow these easy steps:

1. Define the problem as accurately as possible
The more information you are able to provide, the faster our technicians can identify and correct the issue. If possible, try to determine as many of the following:

What were you doing when you received this error?
What program produced the error?
What version of the program are you running?
Are you using a Linux or Windows based hosting account?
If you receive an error message, what does it say?
What steps did you take that produced the error?
When did you first notice the error?
Can you reproduce the error?
Please have any usernames or passwords required to access the issue.

2. Have your account information ready

The more information you can give your technician, the faster they can access your account, understand the issue, and help you resolve it. Have your username and password ready. Also, if you have your website’s name, whether you are using Linux or Windows, and your server name, we can help resolve your issue faster.

3. Know the priority status of the request 

Throughout the day, at any given point, we receive several requests of varying urgency. Each one of these requests takes time to resolve. If a request cannot be resolved immediately, if will be given the proper priority level and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

4. Allow an appropriate response time

As mentioned above, we receive several requests at a time. And although we do try to answer every request as quickly as possible, technical issues often do take time to resolve.

5. Know the technician’s responsibilities

Although we at Arvixe are not responsible for every possible issue that one might have on the Internet, we do try to help our customers as much as possible. We may be able to provide you with limited assistance to your issues, but please understand that our technicians’ priorities are to help with Arvixe related services.

6. Don’t be afraid to try it yourself

Whenever possible, don’t be afraid to try and find a solution on your own. Finding a solution on your own is certainly faster than asking for help. Although there is no shame in asking for help, basic issues that can be resolved easily will be given the lowest priority status. This means that finding a solution on your own will often be 100% quicker. You can try a simple Google search to find a solution to your problems. Or, visit the Arvixe Blog to search for a fix. Our articles are often written based on questions that costumers have had. Finally, the Arvixe Forum is a great community discussion board that may contain what you’re looking for. Maybe another costumer has had the same issue and received help! And don’t be afraid to start a new discussion post for your issue if you couldn’t find the solution. Starting this new post will allow others to find a solution too!

Although we understand that every case is unique, we hope that following these basic guidelines will help you receive faster assistance whenever you need to make an Arvixe technical support request.

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Arian Jahansouz

Hello, I am Arian! I have been writing for Arvixe since 2009 and now head the Arvixe Blog. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments!

4 Comments on How to Receive Better Technical Support

  1. Jeff says:

    I found the best way to get the best possible support from Arvixe is to call at night and I love that. I do most of my work at night and it has been very helpful to have an outstanding support team available in the middle of the night. Thank you Arvixe.

  2. Arjun Dhar says:

    while the above helps and I’d also liek to state that I am very happy with Arvixe overall; in my experience I have found that some issues are repeated. In such a case, the client has faced the issue several times and yet the support staff don’t seem to listen.

    Also, many a time when a problem is fixed the RCA is not mentioned, so when we have to state an old ticket as an example it does not work as the RCA for never provided for the first fix.

    Example of a common issue :: Is that of configuration of Apache to Tomcat to the right folder. First level support seem to deploy the WAR file in the wrong folder sometimes, and a simple thing gets delayed. if the client has technical knowledge of an issue, and has faced it before I feel the support staff should also be receptive to learn from the past for faster resolution.

  3. Jeff Geiger says:

    Great Advice,

    Most people don’t really know a lot about computers or servers and when you don’t know what you need to give computer people as far as information goes it will just end up adding time to the whole process. I have a quite a lot of experience in the troubleshooting department and know what I need to tell an technician but not everyone would know what they can leave out and what they need to pass on.

    Giving what you where doing when the error popped up I would say is the most important next to any possible error code that might of popped up.

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