How to Protect Your Elgg Blogs from Spammers with Mathcaptcha

In this article I will show you how to protect your Elgg blogs from spammers with Mathcaptcha.Mathcaptcha is a great tool to prevent bot spammers from registering in your Elgg site. However, human spammers can pass through this security check. Human spammers are becoming a huge problem is Elgg sites. They register in your site and then they post thousand of blog posts with spam content. To protect your site from being spammed with blogs, follow these steps:

1. Make sure MathCaptcha is installed and enabled. If not, read this blog to do so.

2. With an FTP manager log in to your website. Then, go to YourElggSite/mod/mathcaptcha and open the file start.php

3. Once there look for this code:

4. Under that, put these two lines and save the changes:

$returnvalue[] = ‘blog/edit’;
$returnvalue[] = ‘blog/add’;

5. Now, go YourElggSite/mod/blog/views/default/blog/forms and open the file edit.php There, in line 79 we will add this line:
$captcha = elgg_view(‘input/captcha’);

6. In the same file, add these lines on line 104:
<div class=”publish_options”>

7. Save your changes. And now your blogs are now protected with MathCaptcha:
As I said before, doing this will prevent human spammers from using automated programs to post spam blogs.

This concludes How to protect your Elgg blogs from spammers with Mathcaptcha.

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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