How to Properly Install Elgg From Your cPanel Using Softaculous

In this article I will show you an updated guide on how to properly install elgg with Softaculous.

On a previous post about installing elgg with softaculous, many important details were left out, and need to be taken care of because if you do some modifications, such as redirecting from to, it will break your site.

In order to avoid that problem, or any future problem, I will show you how to do a proper Elgg install:

1) Sign into your cPanel.

2) Look for the mail section and click on Email Accounts:

4) After clicking there, you will be taken to another page. In here, we will set up an email account that will be used for sending notifications and validations with elgg. Just fill out the fields and save the email created, it will be used during the installation process:

5) Now, go back to the cPanel main page and look for Softaculous. Click on it:

5) Once you click there, it will take you to Softaculous’ main screen. On the left menu, click on social networking, then on Elgg:

6) This will take you to Elgg’s install page. In here, click on install to start the installation process:

7) On the installation page, the first that we are going to do is on Choose Protocol we will choose http://www. This is important, because if you choose something else, in the future it could give you serious conflicts that can only be fix by reinstalling elgg completely:

8 ) After choosing the protocol, fill out the other fields. Choose the domain in which you want elgg to be install on, choose a sub directory (leave empty to install in your domain). The important thing on this page is to put the email created in step 4 when asked, so that you can enable elgg notifications and validations:

9) After filling all the fields, and before clicking on Install, make sure you put your personal email where all the installation details will be send. It is strongly recommended that you do this.

10) Finally, click on install. There you will get a confirmation page of your installation.

This now concludes How to Properly Install Elgg From Your cPanel Using Softaculous.

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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