How to Migrate a WordPress Blog From an External Server to Arvixe

You have decided to make the move on over to Arvixe, but you have a very important WordPress blog that you do not want to lose! In this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to migrate your WordPress blog from an external server to Arvixe. Sign in to your WordPress blog on your older server and follow these steps:

1) Click Tools

2) Click Export

3) Click Download Export File

Now, you are ready to get your blog on your Arvixe server! Sign in to your WordPress blog on your new, Arvixe server and follow these steps:
If you do not have WordPress installed on your new server, click here to install it on WebsitePanel or click here to install it on cPanel.

4) Click Tools

5) Click Import

6) Click WordPress

7) Click Install Now

8 ) Click Activate Plugin & Run Importer

9) Click Choose File

10) Find and Open the file you just exported

11) Click Upload file and import

12) Click Download and import file attachments

13) Click Submit

That’s all! Your new server now has your WordPress blog!

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3 Comments on How to Migrate a WordPress Blog From an External Server to Arvixe

  1. RM Nisperos says:

    I want to migrate my other blog from another host to Arvixe. This would be an addon domain to my existing plan and I’m confused what to do before basically pointing the domain to Arvixe servers. Please help

    • Noah S says:

      Hi, you would need to make a backup of all the files and the database of your blog. If you have cPanel you can make a backup under the “Backups” icon in the Files section. Your current host should be able to provide you with a backup if you are unable to make one yourself. You will need to add the domain and then create a database and restore your backup to that database and move the files to the new domain. If you contact we will be able to give you more detailed information as the steps depend on the type of account you have. Regards.

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