How to merge Threads in Xenforo

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to discuss how to merge threads in Xenforo. This is a very simple process and should only take 10 minutes or less!

So where do we star? Well first make sure you are logged into your board.

After you do that navigate to the forum that your two threads are in like so:


Click on that category and you will be taken to the forum itself like this:


So see the check boxes next to the threads? Click both of them like so:


After you do this you will click the red hyperlink at either the top or bottom that says Selected 2 threads like so:


This box opens up and you click on other actions it looks like this:


click on other actions and you will see this drop down menu. From this menu you will select Merge Threads like so:


After you do that you should see this screen:


From here you can select the name. If you leave a redirect from the old category to this new thread or none at all and if you do how long it will stay active. You can then select to notify users that it was moved. So after you do this you can select Merge Threads at the bottom and you will see this page when it’s done:


There ya have it you have merged threads! This can come in handy if multiple threads are created regarding one topic. If you need any assistance or help just met me know below!

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2 Comments on How to merge Threads in Xenforo

  1. Tom says:


    I know that this is pretty old, but I have some questions regarding the merger.
    A) Is it possible to just move one thread into another without having to chose a new title? Say, Move thread a into thread a’.
    B) Are the posts automatically ordered per date or can I chose another order?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Tom,
    Yes you can. When you go to the Node view and click on a category you will always see check boxes next to each thread. Just select one you want to move and the one you want it moved too click Merge from the drop down menu and you will see another box with options. Set them as you wish and click “Merge Threads” and there ya go!
    As far as I can tell you cannot change the order unless you have a custom theme or plugin that supports this.

    Thanks again!

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