How to Mass Email Users in Xenforo

Hello, today we will be discussing how to mass email your members!

I already assume you have some knowledge of Xenforo and have already logged into your Admin panel. From your Admin page you will click Users at the top like so:


Click that and you will be taken to the user page. After you are there on the right side click Email Users like so:


You will then be taken to this page:


We are going to take the time and go over each section:

  1. From: This is who it is from.
  2. From Email: This is the email that you are going to use.
  3. Email Title: This is the title of the email you are sending out.
  4. Email Format: You can select Plain text or HTML.
  5. Email Body: This is the place you put what you wanted to email your members about.

Let’s cover the next section:


Let’s cover the sections in more detail:

  1. User Name: You can specify usernames here
  2. Email: You can specify Emails here.
  3. Gender: You can also specify gender.
  4. Primary User Group: Leave this at any to get all members.
  5. Secondary User Group: You can add other user groups if you specified any above.
  6. Not in Secondary Groups: Same thing as Secondary User Group.

Ok on to the more:


Let’s cover these:

  1. Registered Between: You can select dates to send to only to members registered between a specific date.
  2. Last Visited Between: This is the same as registered only with dates.
  3.  Message Count Between: You can specify this as well to how many posts a particular person has.
  4. Trophy Points Between: Same here you can specify who gets the mail based on their trophy points.
  5. User State: You can choose to only send to verified members or others based on the check boxes.
  6. Banned State: You can choose to send to banned members as well.

On to the last section of this page:


This allows you add even more specification to your recipients.

After you are all finished with your email click submit at the bottom and you will be taken to the following page:


This allows you to view the message see how many people are getting it and to send it as a test to a specified email or to email to everyone.

I hope this helps as usual please if you have questions feel free to ask below!

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2 Comments on How to Mass Email Users in Xenforo

  1. Ahsan says:


    Dear please Help me .
    My Xen foro to Donot sent email just Test Email is sent .and User side Donot send mail show the error
    {Your email was sent to 1 users. (Emails failed to be sent to 1 users.)}

    • Alex says:


      Can you please email me ( the configuration you have at: Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Email Options -> Email Transport Method?



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