How to Manage Your Silex Publications

Discover the “Manage” section of the Silex Manager!

One of Silex strengths is its Manager.
In fact, thanks to this intuitive interface you can easily manage all your publications.

Let’s go and see how!

Manage your publication properties

First, connect to your Manager and choose the “Manage” section.

When done, select a publication in the list: the properties panel appears.

You can now define all the properties needed for your publication: give it a title, add a description, add keywords, add an icon, change your publication dimensions (width and/or height), change your publication background color, choose the wanted scale mode…

And don’t forget to save!

Look at the video:

Manage your publication plugins

As you may know, Silex integrates a plugin system. That means you can easily enhance your publications with great plugins.

Once installed on your Silex server, you must activate the wanted plugins for your publication.
Note: as you can activate plugins for your publication, you can also deactivate them.

Look at the video:

Manage your publication fonts

As same as for plugins, you can enhance your Silex publications with new fonts.

Once installed on your Silex server, you must activate the wanted fonts for your publication.
And of course, as you can activate fonts for your publication you can also deactivate them.

Look at the video:

Manage your publication “advanced”

This section concerns your publication advanced parameters.

Some of these parameters can be found in your publication properties (for example html title, html description, width, height, bgcolor, etc…) or in your publication fonts (for example: fonts list)

In this section you will focus above all on the following parameters:

  • enable deeplinking
    allow deeplink for your website (true) or not (false)
    Do not allow deeplink, deactivates the use of javascript in your publication.
    For example, your publication’s address stays unchanged during browsing
  • mouse
    mouse cursor can be visible (true) or not (false).
    note: mouse cursor invisible (false) can be very useful for touch screens that don’t require the display of the mouse cursor
  • allow login
    you can login to your publication (true) or not (false)
    note: if you want to edit your publication you must be logged so, allow login must be on true ; if your publication is online it’s better to not allow login, in that way nobody can make changes on your publication (allow login must be on false)
  • flash player version
    it corresponds to the flash player version of your publication (8, 9 or 10) and it depends, among other things, of the flash player version used for your flash animations if you have some.
    note: if the Flash Player version of your publication is superior than the one used by the visitor, “no-flash.html” page will display instead of your publication

Don’t forget to save if you make changes!

Look at the video:

Manage your publications globally

For each publication you can:

  • rename it
    note: your publication’s name appears in the url so the name is important.
    You can rename your publication easily and at any moment
  • duplicate it
    It can be useful if you want to make some tests without losing all you did before. You can use this function as backup
  • create a theme
    You can turn your publication into a theme (=template). It can be useful if you want to create many publications on the same design
  • delete it

Look at the video:

This overview of publications management is now over!

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