8 Comments on How to Manage Your E-Mail Accounts Using cPanel

  1. mee says:

    You left out a few niggling issues for new users:

    Email applications sometimes prefer email address to use plus instead of at sign

    Thunderbird will cease tormenting user if they provide name of webserver hosting their account instead of their respective domain name as mail server FQDN

  2. Henrik says:

    I used IMAP on my mac mail. That made my site go down for some reason. Whats the deal with IMAP dosen´t work that good?

  3. acust says:

    I have both types set up in mac-mail. Some need the “+” in place of the at between the user name and the domain, other work fine with “@” it’s kinda strange… it might have to do with the “type” of hosting account, and/or if you’re using the “primary” domain (the one that the pay the reg fee on). I have many domains and one personal and one reseller hosting pack.

    Also, I came here from an email telling me I could see how to many many email boxes from one place… apparently that is not the case.

    • Mike Hoffman says:

      Can you please elaborate what email you were sent, and the context of your problem? Sounds like you were mislead on accident and we’d love to clear it up for you and future customers.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I haven’t been able to receive any new mail since I’ve pointed my domain to this host and still haven’t been able to get sufficient help to fix the issue. I’ve set up an email address under Arvixe, like I was told by email; but now what happens to all my other emails that were on this same email address? Everything’s gone.

  5. I’m unable to create & set up an email account for my domain. It throws “No such file or directory error”.
    How do I sort it out?

    • Alex says:


      I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing these issues. Can you please create a ticket with our support team so they can investigate this for you?


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