How to Manage User Group Settings in phpFox

This article focuses on how to manage your site’s user group settings and permissions.

Each user belongs to a user group and each user group has several hundred ways on how to control them. To control user groups we will go over how we can edit “User Group Settings”. By controlling these settings you will be able to control many features you use on your site thus allowing you to create special user groups that you can create promotions or even charge for in order for users to get the rights to use certain features on your site.

To manage user group settings, in your AdminCp, select Users > Manage User Groups

This opens the following screen, with a list of your user groups.

In order to edit settings for a user group, you will need to select the down arrow to the left of the user group name that you want to edit.  Select Manage User Settings.

The Manage Settings screen has a list of modules on the left.  Each module has its own settings that you can configure for each user group.

When you click on a module on the left, a list of settings that you can configure for that user group will show up on the right.  For example, I have chosen the Admincp module.  Because I am editing the Default Registered User user group, I want to make sure that members of this user group do NOT have access to my Admincp, or anything else in these settings, so I have ALL of these options set to NO.

You can really customize your user’s experience and what they can do depending on what user group they are in, by familiarizing yourself with all the user group module settings.  When installing new modules, always make sure that you return to these screens in order to manage settings for those modules as well.

Just to give you an example of what can be done with managing user group settings, I have a website, that I only allow a user group I created called Premium Member, to upload videos to my website.  Premium member also has more space to upload pictures, and they have access to a chat room that I have loaded on that site.  My Registered Member user group does not have access to upload videos or to the chat room, and they have limited space to upload pictures to.  My Premium Member group pays a yearly fee, to my website, in order to have access to the Premium Features.

Now you should understand how to manage your user group permissions.

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Stephanie Brown

I am a web and graphic designer with 10+ years experience in website design and development, as well as website hosting. I have been working with the phpFox networking script for 3+ years. In those 3 years I have assisted clients with template/style customization and design, addon development, and general phpFox site maintenance. Outside of the internet, I am a mother of 2 young children, caretaker of 1 old english bulldog, 4 persian cats, and 1 baby black rat snake that decided to slither into our kitchen one day.

5 Comments on How to Manage User Group Settings in phpFox

  1. Tommy says:

    was following the instructions on your blog,clicked no for all the settings on admincp,and now its gone from my profile lol
    Im brand new to phpfox,maybe I didnt follow the instructions correctly but I cant get in to my cp,need your help!!!!!

  2. Stephanie Brown says:

    Hi Tommy, I am sorry that you have an issue! It would appear that you have changed the user group settings for your Administrator user group and not for the Registered User account that I had highlighted in this article. In doing so, you locked your administrator accounts out of the admincp.

    You have two options to correct this. The first is contact phpFox support and have them correct it for you. The second would be to enter the database itself and change the data for the Administrator user group in the user group tables. If you are not comfortable with manually accessing the database, then I would suggest contacting phpFox support.

  3. tommy says:

    How do I change the data for the Administrator user group in the user group tables. I was able to go in an make a new admin who is now able to delete,edit,feature etc,but the admincp is still not showing up on the top right of the screen beside profile and account.

  4. Tommy says:

    The second would be to enter the database itself and change the data for the Administrator user group in the user group tables… Ive gone in but dont know what to enter or what data to change,my site is custom and phpfox does not support even though ive paid for support.

  5. Stephanie Brown says:

    Hi Tommy,

    The reason that your new admin is still unable to access the admincp is because you have locked out access to the admincp to the administrator accounts.

    If you have made source code edits, that would explain why phpFox has decided to not assist you in fixing this issue, as well as any other issues you have. Source code edits void your support option.

    There are many different tables and fields in those tables in the phpFox database, if you are unfamiliar with the setup then it can be a very difficult process to find the correct table/field to edit. Because I don’t know the extent of the source code edits you have done, I don’t feel comfortable giving you an answer to solve this issue in the database, for fear of further messing things up. I do know that the tables you are looking for pertain to user_group and most likely have user_group in their table name. And the fields you would be looking for should have admincp in them.

    Another option you have would be to load up a default installation as a development site, and check the administrator account in that one to see what the data should read in those tables/fields.

    And yet another option would be to go to the phpFox forum and post asking for assistance in fixing the issue, someone may respond with a solution or respond with an offer to help for a fee 🙂

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