How to Manage the ShoutBox in phpFox

This article will focus on editing the settings for the ShoutBox in phpFox.

In your admincp, select Settings > Manage Settings

On the Manage Settings screen, under Module Settings, select ShoutBox

The next screen shows all the settings available for your ShoutBox.  I will give a small explanation of each below the screenshot.  For the majority of the settings here, the default will be just fine for your site, you may have to tweak a few here and there to make the shoutbox fit better.

WordWrap – this settings will force the shoutbox to wrap to the next line once a certain number of characters is reached.

Time Stamp – this setting allows you to customize the timestamp that is displayed.

Display Limit – this setting allows you select how many shouts are displayed in the shoutbox.

Shoutbox Refresh (Seconds) – This is an important setting to pay attention to.  The more often your shoutbox refreshes, the more up to date the shouts are, but the more resources the shoutbox will use.  You will need to find a middle ground that works for your site and your server.

Shoutbox Flood Limit (Seconds) – This setting defines how many seconds must go by before a member can post again in the shoutbox.  If you find that your members are overusing the shoutbox, or that it is being used by spammers, you will want to set this higher.

Live Shoutbox – Setting this to true, will allow your shoutbox to refresh automatically, this is very server resource intensive and should not be attempted on most hosting environments.

Shoutouts to Save – This setting is an exact number of shouts that are saved in history.  The more shouts that are saved, the slower your shoutbox may work.  I suggest testing out a variety of numbers until you find what seems to work best for your site.

Once you are done editing the settings on this page, select Submit to save them.

You should now have a better understanding of the settings associated with your shoutbox!

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