How to make registration field’s required


Today we are going to discuss how to make certain fields required when your users register. This can be convenient for you if you have certain criteria or fields that your users are required to have with regards to your community.

An example of this would be if you have a gaming community and you required your members to have a Xbox Live tag in order to join. So I will show you how to do that.

So let’s get started. Go ahead and log into your Admin control panel. At the top you will see users go ahead and click that and you will see this page:


On the left hand side you will see a bunch of options regarding this. Your looking for Custom User Fields. It is here:


Once you click that you will see this page:


Now in the top right corner you will see a button that reads this: +Create new Field Click that and you will see this page:


We will go over each section here:

Field ID: This is the unique ID you are going to assign to this custom field (NOTE: You can’t change this once you set it so make sure it’s what you want before hitting save) Also make sure you use _ as your space as it won’t let you save it other wise.

Title: This is the title of the Field that will appear to your users when they register.

Description: This is what you will tell them needs to go here (IE: “Put your Xbox Live Id here”)

Display Location: In this area you can select if it’s personal page, a contact detail or a preference (NOTE: Preferences won’t be shared with others it’s not a public field)

Field Type: You can select different field type here. From single line text to text boxes. For this tutorial we are going to select single-line text.

After you are all done select save. Then move to General Options it looks like this:


We will go over our options below:

Field Required: This allows you to make this a required field for registration for this we are going to select this check box.

Show during Registration: Make sure you select this as well so that your new users will see this when they register on your site.

User Editable: You can make this editable if you leave the editable one box unchecked they can always edit this anyway they wish. So for this tutorial I am going to disable that option.

Moderator Editable: You can select this if you want mods to be able to edit this field for members who wish to change the field I am selecting this for the purpose of this tutorial.

Viewable in Message User info: This allows this field to be viewed in messages if you so desire. For this I am not going to select this field.

Value Display HTML: Here you can create the text to custom colors if yo wish to do this please view my other blog post regarding changing text colors for groups because it’s the same concept. (View this here)

After you are done with that click save field. In order to check that this was done right try to register as a new user and you should see your new field like so:


There you have it! If you have any questions as always please ask below!

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