How to Make Another User an Admin in Elgg

In this article I will show you an updated guide on how to make another user an Admin in Elgg.

Login as an admin on your Elgg site and follow this steps:

1) Go to the Adminitration page. There go to the left menu and click on User Administration, where you will see a list of all the users registered in your elgg site:

2) Look for the user that you want to make an admin. Click on the name of the user to go to his profile. Once you are in his profile, look for the Make admin link and click on it:

3) You will be ask if you want to make the user and admin. Click accept to make him an admin:

4) After that, a confirmation window will appear telling you that the user is now an admin.

This concludes How to make another user an Admin in Elgg.

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2 Comments on How to Make Another User an Admin in Elgg

  1. everest says:

    How can i remove elgg logo from appearing on every section of my website

  2. Rodolfo Hernandez says:

    @Everest If you are referring to the logo at the bottom, read this:

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