How to Make a User An Admin in Elgg 1.8

In this article, I will give a step by step guide on how to make a normal user an admin in Elgg 1.8 to make the user an admin follow these steps:

1. Login on your Elgg site as an Admin. Then on the top bar menu, click on the Administration Link:

2. On the Admin dashboard, in the right sidebar menu, click on users and then on the submenu Newest:

3. Search for the user that you want to make an Administrator and click on it to go to the user profile. In the user profile, click on Admin Options to display the Admin User Utilities:

4. In the Admin User Utilities menu, click on Make Admin:

5. You will get a message box asking if you want to make the user an admin. Click on Accept. And that’s it! You just made a regular user an Admin.

If you experience problems with this guide, ask here for support. This now concludes How to make a user an admin in Elgg 1.8

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