How to Make a Custom Coupon Code for Affiliates

Through the growth of Arvixe’s affiliate program, we have implemented a new way for you to increase your sales and earn more money! Introducing: custom coupon codes!


We are very happy to announce the Arvixe Affiliate Program’s new capability of creating your own custom coupon codes. We have recently added this new feature into our affiliate panel which allows you to create personalized coupon codes from different promotions that Arvixe is offering. You are also able to set the length for how long you want each campaign to run. The 2 promotions that are currently available for you to use are:

Promotion 1: 20% off the first invoice of any shared hosting package.
Promotion 2: 1 cent for the first month of any shared hosting package. Currently Disabled

We created this custom coupon code option to help make you more money. Please review the two following points from Arvixe’s Affiliate TOS before making a coupon: HERE

20. Coupon/”Deal” Sites. If you run a coupon site, you may not be eligible for the Affiliate program. Please make sure to contact us prior to becoming an affiliate.

21. Custom Codes. If you are using a custom coupon code you are not allowed to use the words “coupon”, “discount”, or similar terms, in your SEO terms or the title of the page without prior permission. These codes can only be placed on your site. Please make sure to contact us prior to participating.

Custom coupon codes are great when promoted over social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many more. You can also promote your coupon code within your videos like YouTube or Vimeo.

It’’s as easy as asking everyone to use your coupon code at’s checkout to save more money with their hosting purchase!

To setup your new custom code, go to and login to your affiliate account.

Then, click on Manage Custom Coupons under Additional Tools on the bottom left


Enter your desired text for the code in the Coupon Code box


Then select whether you want your coupon code to be for 20% off or for 1 cent for the first month using the Coupon Type drop-down-box


Select the Valid From and Valid To dates for your coupon


And click on Create My Coupon!


You will now receive a confirmation that your coupon code has been added successfully, and your code will be listed!


That’s it! You can now go out and use your code on your website, social media, or anywhere to promote sales and earn more money!

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6 Comments on How to Make a Custom Coupon Code for Affiliates

  1. Adedayo says:

    If someone goes directly to arvixe official site and buys any of the hosting plans, without going through my affiliate link, but uses my coupon code, will i still get commission for the sale?

  2. ROj says:

    Is there any wordpress plugin available in Arvixe specifically to manage affiliate programs? For example Bluehost is having such a plugin, which is specifically intended for the same. Please share your thoughts.

  3. Noman says:

    Hi,I don’t understand arvixe hosting affiliate Crediting Policy,who will be get commission,first click or last click.Please let me know

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