How to Make a Backup of Your Hosting Space with WebsitePanel

On a previous post we talked about how to make a simple backup of your files. It is a good guide, however it only backups the files of the files you select. What if you need a full backup of everything, including FTP accounts or database users? For that reason in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to make a backup of your hosting space with WebsitePanel

1. Log into WebsitePanel.

2. Click on your ASP hosting class:

asp hosting class websitepanel

3. Under Tools click on Backup:

backup websitepanel

4. Now, select the hosting space you want to backup, change the name of the backup file, and where do you want to save a copy of the backup. This process will make a backup of everything under your hosting space, including databases, database usernames, ftp folders, ftp accounts, and any web application under any subdomain:

backing up hosting space websitepanel

5. Wait for the backup process to finish. Alternative you can run it in the background:

processing backup websitepanel

6. If the backup was successful, you will receive a message:

Picture 6

If you face any issues during the backup process, please report it immediately.

This concludes How to make a backup of your hosting space with WebsitePanel

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Happy Hosting!

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4 Comments on How to Make a Backup of Your Hosting Space with WebsitePanel

  1. Jordan says:

    The .wspak created by make it very easy to restore your entire account on the same server where the backup was created and will restore everything except email messages stored on the server, therefore it is a very good backup. However due to different keys on different servers, the .wspak file can not be used as easily in moving your account from one server to another.
    The .wspak file created by WebsitePanel is actually a zip file that contains additional zip files with the contents of all the websites and databases under your account along with an XML file containing all the configuration settings. Because of the different keys, WebsitePanel is not able to decrypt passwords stored in the XML file and therefore is unable to do an automated restore on a different server from where it was created. However it does have enough information (not including passwords) that you can use it to manually recreate your site on another server.

    • Correct. For that reason at the beginning of the article I clarified that it was for back up the hosting space, here in Arvixe. If you want to transfer your files to another hosting, you should either create a zip file backup with the scheduled tasks or send all your files to an FTP via direct transfer.


  2. Nayan says:

    I started backup and it lasted for 30 mins … so my site was offline for that time.. and I was keep checking FTP site to see when backup file is actually created… after 30 mins I saw 1.5 GB zip file (not *.wspak) and then suddenly file got deleted …. Any clue why this would happen? I cannot see any log because backup was running in background. Please advice

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