[HOW-TO] Load ‘Most Viewed’ videos first instead of ‘Being Watched’ at the homepage in Clip-Bucket



This how-to will show you how to load the ‘Most Viewed’ videos first from the homepage; by default, ‘Being Watched’ videos are the ones showed first. Here’s an image for you so you understand better what I am talking about:

Example. Juapo2ServicesI always recommend backing up the files we are going to edit, in case you want to revert changes.


Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open index.html located in ./styles/{YOURTEMPLATE}/layout/*

2. Search for:

<div class="tabs">

This <div> corresponds to the three tabs. Each <li> corresponds to each tab, and they are ordered like this: Being Watched, Most Viewed & Recently Added.

3. The first <li>, which corresponds to Being Watched, has class=”selected”, that means that this will be the one that’ll show up first. So if you want to make Most Viewed the first one, you will remove class=”selected” from the first <li>, and put it in the second <li>, like this:

Tabs. Juapo2Services

Same process if you want Recently Added to show first, always remember that you can only have one class=”selected”.

4. Save and Upload!

That’s it! You’re done! Any question, comment, problem, do not hesitate to contact me, and keep checking the blog for more articles!


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3 Comments on [HOW-TO] Load ‘Most Viewed’ videos first instead of ‘Being Watched’ at the homepage in Clip-Bucket

  1. MikeB says:

    When I try this I change it to recently uploaded. That is highlighted BUT the videos being shown still are the being watched.
    What I’d like it to have the recently uploaded to show by default

  2. Richi Glez says:


    What’s your CB version?


  3. nguyen says:

    how to show tab video folowing category on homepage

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