How to Install the Google Analytics Code Into Your Website

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install your Google Analytics code into your website in cPanel.

Google Analytics is a free software that provides detailed tracking of traffic to your website.

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1) Copy your Google Analytics code (to find out how to do this, click HERE)

2) Sign into your cPanel account

3) Go to Files and open File Manager

4) Go to your public_html folder

5) Find and select the page that you wish to track. The code needs to be placed in every page that you wish to track. For this example, the code will be placed into the index.html file.

6) With the file selected, click Edit

7) Paste your Google Analytics code on the lines before </body>

8 ) Click Save Changes

9) You will then get a confirmation page that your changes have been saved

This concludes how to install your Google Analytics code into your website in cPanel

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4 Comments on How to Install the Google Analytics Code Into Your Website

  1. Stefano says:

    You need to publish the line of code on every page of which you wish to monitor the performances. It is also explained on google webmaster’s website since it is not sure that a visitor reach your website form index or home page every time, especially if it is a returning visitor that goes directly to a bookmarked page or type the content page he desire.

  2. I just added the google analytics to one of my new sites. Thank you so much Arian for such clear, concise directions….it made it so easy!! I am going to use your site as a reference and hopefully learn more. Thanks again for the great information…!!

  3. Muneer Hamed says:

    Thank you for your clear explanation.

    I can’t find in index.html file.

    What shall I DO?

    • Alex Ali says:

      Do you know what platform your website is running (HTML template, WordPress, Joomla, MyBB etc)? This article would generally apply to a HTML template, depending on what platform (if any) your website is running, you could look for a relevant module/plugin.

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