How To Install SkaDate

How To Install SkaDate

We’re going to show you how to install Skadate on your linux hosting account. Note that this script is not well supported on ASP and may only work on linux. Skadate is a premium script, which requires a license to be obtained from . Let’s get started:

Before installing, you need to create a MySQL database and user. If you are unsure of how to do this, please follow this tutorial –

1) You need to obtain/download the skadate and download the latest version from the client area.

2) The download comes in a zipped file. Now upload the zip in folder into your public_html folder on your arvixe hosting account. You can do this through the file manager located in your cPanel, or using a third party application such as FileZilla. Once it is uploaded, extract the zip within the same folder.

3) Next, run the install by going to your domain, ex: . That will bring up the web installer:

You won’t have to do anything for this step. Just simply hit ‘Next’.

4) This step is where you will need to know your MySQL Database Name, Username and Password that you created at the very first step of this tutorial. The form is very straightforward, just fill in the database fields and hit Next.

5) The next page will tell you that the software installation has been complete! So once you browse to your domain again, your new skadate website should pop up.

To access your administration panel, add /admin to the end of your domain’s URL. For example: .    The login for your administration user was emailed to you from Skadate when you purchased the license from them.

If you have any problems with this install, please contact our script installations department at

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