How to install Silverstripe 3 manually in server and computer

If you don’t want to install the latest Silverstripe CMS and/or want to test it first in your computer this is the tutorial you need to read.

Needed for server install: SilverStripe Web Hosting from Arvixe
Needed for local computer: XAMPP or WampServer

Server install:

  1. Download framework and CMS from silverstripe website as a zip file.
  2. Upload the zip to web root via ftp or File Manager. Most of the time its public_html. How to use ftp read here
  3. Go to cPanel and create database with database wizard. How to do it read here
  4. Now go back to cPanel home and open home directory in File Manager
  5. Over the CMS Zip file click the right mouse button and choose Extract
  6. If the extracting is done you see silverstripe folder in public_html folder. Open it by double clicking on it.
  7. Now click on select all to select all files and folders.
  8. After selecting all the file and folders click on Move file button and inset the path /public_html/ or just delete the part where is written the silverstripe version /public_html/->silverstripeversion<-
  9. Go to your domain address The install page loads
  10. Insert database information The database name, database password and database user and server address mostly its localhost
  11. Insert your email for admin also the password. And choose the website locale
  12. Click install.
  13. After the install ends delete the install files by entering your admin info after clicking the link delete installation files

Install on Local Windows computer:

This version is mostly used for testing or designing the site in your computer.

  1. Install XAMPP or Wampserver. How to install you can find from the developer site.
  2. XAMPP and Wampserver gets installed on your computer under C:/ drive.
  3. Make sure that your Wampserver or XAMPP server is running. If not manually start it by cliking the links under Start Menu->Programs. Also you can make sure that the server is running by opening the browser and typing in http://localhost/ and if the Apache Screen comes up its installed properly.
  4. Make sure that the Apache->Apache Modules->Rewrite Module is enabled.
  5. The “www” directory will be automatically created (usually c:\wamp\www) put your extracted Silverstripe files in there and go to http://localhost/ to start install process.
  6. All other is the same as installing in server point 10-13.

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