How to Install Silverstripe 2.4 Manually

This post is for users who want to install Silverstripe 2.4 manually.

  1. Go to and download the latest 2.4.x installation files.
  2. Upload the zipped file to your website root folder using cPanel’s File manager or your FTP program
  3. Go to cPanel and open File manager go to the folder where you uploaded the zipped file then right-click on it and choose “extract”
  4. After it is extracted to folder SilverStripe-cms-v2.4.x/ folder click on it to open and use “select all” to select all files and click to move file on top of the filemanager page. and then change the location in open window from public_html/SilverStripe-cms-v2.4.x/ to public_html
  5. Go to cPanel and generate yourself a database using database wizard.
  6. Go to (or the files is in subfolder) and install the Silverstripe with the database you generated using database wizard.

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