How to Install PHPFox

How To Install PHPFox

We’re going to show you how to install PHPFox on your linux hosting account. Note that this script is not well supported on ASP. PHPFox is a premium script, which requires a license to be obtained from . Let’s get started:

Before installing, you need to create a MySQL database and user. If you are unsure of how to do this, please follow this tutorial –

1) You need to obtain/download the and download the latest version from the client area.

2) Once you download that and open it up, you will see two folders: tools and upload.
The upload folder is what you want to use for the installation.

3) Now upload all the files in that ‘upload’ folder into your public_html folder on your arvixe hosting account. You can do this through the file manager located in your cPanel, or using a third party application such as FileZilla.

4) Once that has been uploaded, rename the file

5) Next, run the install by heading to
This will bring up the installation page, and ask for your login. Enter that to proceed with the installation:

6) Step 3 will consist of checking your server if it meets the software requirements and all the required files/folders have the correct permissions.

7) This step is where you will need to know your MySQL Database Name, Username and Password that you created at the very first step of this tutorial.

The form is very straightforward, just fill in the database fields and start the install.

8) Running The Install – You will now see the automated installer run, which will install all templates and database tables.

9) Once that is done, remove the install folder through file manager or filezilla, and you can now start using your brand new PHPFox website!

If you need any help with this installation, do not hesitate to contact our scripts installation department at

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  1. Ashesh says:

    What is the use of tools folder?

  2. Ashesh says:

    Please tell me how can i increase the birth year limit from min 16 years old to 13 years old

  3. Jerry says:

    Hello, is there a similar guide on setting up phpfox but with nginx?

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