How to Install Elgg 1.8 with Softaculous

Elgg 1.8 is out now! Several users were asking if it was going to be available through our auto installers or that if we were going to support it. Yes, we have full support for Elgg 1.8 and it is available in our auto installers! In this article, I will show you how to install Elgg 1.8 with Softaculous. Sign into your Website Panel and follow these steps:

1.  Look for the Mail section and click on Email Accounts:

2. After clicking there, you will be taken to another page. In here, we will set up an email account that will be used for sending notifications and validations with Elgg. Just fill out the fields and save the email created, it will be used during the installation process:

3. Now, go back to the cPanel main page and look for Softaculous. Click on it:

4. Now you are inside Softaculous. On the left menu, click on Social Networking. A sub menu will appear showing the software available. Click on Elgg:

5. Once you find Elgg, on the top bar menu, click on Install to start the installation process:

6. First thing that we are going to do is on Choose Protocol we will choose http://www. This is important, because if you choose something else, in the future it could give you serious conflicts that can only be fixed by reinstalling Elgg completely:

7. After choosing the protocol, fill out the other fields. Choose the domain in which you want Elgg to be installed on, choose a sub directory (leave empty to install in your domain). The important thing on this page is to put the email created in step 2 when asked, so that you can enable Elgg notifications and validations:

8. After filling out all the information required, we click on the Install. Note: You can choose whether you want to receive the details of the installation or not.

And that’s it! Elgg 1.8 will be installed now!

We strongly encourage you to install this version of Elgg with Softaculous. Manual install is possible, but in order to save you time and energy, we recommend using automatic installation. Also, this guide is for making cleans installations of Elgg only. If you want to upgrade to 1.8, please refer to this guide:

This now concludes How to Install Elgg1.8 with Softaculous

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Happy Hosting!

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