How to Install DotNetNuke From Your WebsitePanel Using Microsoft Web App Gallery

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This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install DotNetNuke from your WebsitePanel. Sign into your WebsitePanel and follow these steps:

1) Click Domains

2) Click Add Domain

3) Click Sub-domain

4) Enter the name of your sub-domain. For this example, we will be using “dotnetnuke ” as the sub-domain name

5) Click Add Domain

6) Click Microsoft Web App Gallery in the Hosting Space Menu on the left

7) Find and click DotNetNuke® Community Edition

8 ) Click Next

9) Select the sub-domain you just created

10) Click Install

11) You will then get a confirmation that your installation is complete

This concludes how to install DotNetNuke from your WebsitePanel.

Once your installation is complete, your new DotNetNuke page will look like this:

To test DotNetNuke before installing it, visit and use the username “nukedemo” with the password “test123”

Does the sub-domain show the default Arvixe page? Click HERE to fix it.

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4 Comments on How to Install DotNetNuke From Your WebsitePanel Using Microsoft Web App Gallery

  1. Avesta @ Arvixe says:

    After running the autoinstaller and visiting the website, it will typically ask you to run a web-installer as well which will ask for database name and username. The database name and username can be made through your control panel. Make sure to follow the following steps mentioned in the guide below before running the web-based installer:

  2. Man this is a good page, youve influenced me, Im gonna have to start my own blog.

  3. Bill Randall says:

    Is there a way to use the Web App Gallery to install the latest version of DotNetNuke?
    Your panel perpetually contains a version that isabout three or four iterations older than the current version.
    For example the current DNN version is 6.0.1 and your panel only has the option to install 5.6.0.

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