Install AutoMod on Your phpBB Forum

Hello every one!

My name is Keith I am the new PHPBB Liaison here on Arvixe!

Today I am going to talk about how to install AuotMod on your PHPBB forum.

AutoMod is a software that allows you to add mod’s to your forum with ease. It’s really easy to set up and it’s going to make your life a hundred times easier to use!

So let us begin:

The first stop is the website. Go ahead and click << this link and it will take you directly to the auto mod download page.

On the right hand side you will find a green download button for auto mod. Go ahead and click this button and download the .zip file for it.

Now the easiest way I have found to upload automod to your forum is through a FTP client (File Transfer Protocol). The one I use is File zilla. It’s my favorite it’s easy to use and you can’t go wrong with it. Now I will make another tutorial explaining in more detail how to use this software but for now we are only concerned with a few things.

First thing is the top bar. Here you will see the following:


User Name



and Quick Connect

You are only concerned with Host, User Name and Password. The port is auto assigned by Arvixe so you don’t technically have to input that data. So go ahead and enter your information and you will see in the dialogue box below it connect. What you are looking for is all green. If you get any red then something went wrong most likely your username or password is wrong.

After you have connected to your FTP you will see two boxes right below your dialogue box. The one on the left is your computer itself and the one on the right is your server.

So we will start with the right box.

First you are going to scroll until you see one of the following



both of those are your public files that everyone can see and it’s where your forum and other folders and files are stored for your website.

for me it’s public_html

So click on that. Then navigate to forum or whatever you have called your forum.

After you have done this you should be in the root folder for your phpbb forum. Now comes a little tricky part you’re going to go back to the left side and navigate to where ever you installed and extracted your automod folder. You’re going to click root and take all of the files that are in root (Including the folders) and copy them to the root folder of your phpbb forum folder. Make sure that you overwrite any existing files that should pop up by FileZilla.

After the copy is complete navigate your browser to this url  (make sure you change yourdoimain and forum to what you have named them as such.

after you do this you will see the following screen:


Make sure “Install” is selected in “Action”, unless you are upgrading AutoMOD in which case “Update” should be selected. “Version Select” should be “Ignore” which does the database edits required by the latest AutoMOD version. Then click on “Submit” and answer “Yes” on the “Are you sure?” question.

Now you can use automod on your forum to help you upload mods!

I will be posting a few other tutorials covering the manual and AutoMod way of installing Modifcations for phpbb.

I hope you enjoy and if you encounter any issues please feel free to ask away!

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