How to install and use Similar Threads for Xenforo

Today we are going to discuss how to install and use the Similar Threads mod for Xenforo. I have selected this mod and shown how to install and use it because it’s going to make your life easier and allow members and new members alike to see relevant threads before they post a new thread so there are fewer threads that are duplicates.

So first we are going to go and download the mod here: Similar Threads Mod

After we download it we are going to extract and then upload it using your favorite FTP client.

You are going to upload the folder inside called Andy into your library folder like so:


So now that you have that uploaded into your library you are going to log into your admin control panel.  On the left hand side you are going to see a list of links. At the bottom you are going to look for the Install Add-on  link. Click on it like so:


It will take you to a page like so:


Now we need to upload the .xml file. It’s back in the Similar Posts folder in the library sub folder like so:


So go ahead and upload that file like so:


Click install Add-on and it will process. Please keep in mind it might take a few moments to install and you will be taken to the following page:


Now we have to set which groups can use this add on. So go to the Users page and click User Groups and it will take you to the following page:


Now click on the group that you wish to have the ability to use this. For this tutorial I am just going to select the admin user group because I am a admin. Normally however you should allow everyone that you want to use it. So select the user group that you want to select. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the permission node for it like so:


Select allow and then save user group and you will see a page confirming your setting.  Now when you create a new thread and put in a similar title it will pop up relevant threads. In action it looks like this:


There you have it!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!


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