How to Install a Template in Joomla

Joomla is a great framework to build your website just the way you want it. Some of our users have problems installing Joomla templates. Today I’ll show you how to upload a Joomla Template.

Let’s get started!

  1. Download a Joomla Theme. For the purposes of this example, I am going to use Novus Free Joomla Template, which can be found here
  2. Sign into your Joomla site as an Administrator 
  3. In Joomla Control Panel, click on the Extension Manager icon: 
  4. Now, select the theme downloaded, which in this case is the Novus Theme and click on the ‘Upload and Install’ button: 
  5. Wait for the upload to finish and that’s it! Your Joomla template has been installed:

This concludes How to install a template in Joomla

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    Found informative around your blog..Thanks for sharing this post!! Very much useful to all beginners in web design..

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