How to increase the speed of high traffic Clip-Bucket v2 websites

If you are one of the fortunate website of owners of a high popularity Clip-Bucket website, you might have found yourself struggling with a slow website due to the high traffic you get. There are many ways of optimizing a website such as code, database and server optimizations. Today I will show you a very simple trick that will relieve load on your database. Tested on v2.6.

A customer of ours started a Clip-Bucket website and in a matter of weeks, it started getting a serious amount of daily unique traffic (thousands). They immediately needed to upgrade to a very powerful Cloud Server to handle all this traffic. Even though the server had a lot of specs, the site was running kind of sluggish. By analysing what queries consumed the most resources, it was found out that the cb_sessions table was eating a considerable amount of resources. More specifically, there was an index for “session_id”, but the column being used the most was “session”. Creating an index for “session” did the trick and dramatically increased the speed of the website.

~~Using phpMyAdmin

1. Open phpMyAdmin from your cPanel

2. Navigate to the structure of the cb_sessions table


3. Find the “session” table and click on Index


4. Click OK to execute the query


~~Using terminal

1. To make the table an Index table, execute the following command:

ALTER TABLE `cb_sessions` ADD INDEX(`session`);

And there you go! If you get stuck at any step or would like further clarification, please let me know! I always try to reply to comments ASAP. Moreover, let me know how this helped you in your website.

Best Regards,
Richi González

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4 Comments on How to increase the speed of high traffic Clip-Bucket v2 websites

  1. Luiggy says:


    You are awesome! My website now is faster than ever! Thank you so much.


  2. Derek says:

    Well Richie, my site tends to get around 110+ during peak hours, and up until now it had always got very slow when that happened. Even using a server with 16 cores and 24GB RAM. Made this and one more little change you posted and today the website was running much faster during this peak rush than it normally does.

    I tip my hat to you, good sir.

  3. Thanks alot about your article. is there more ways to optimise clipbucket?

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