How to Increase Character Limit of The Wire in Elgg

The Wire is a micro blogging tool or plugin that comes installed by default in Elgg. It is very useful, because it lets you share a comment with everyone on your Elgg site. However, it has a 140 characters limit. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to increase the character limit of  The Wire in Elgg.

The Wire Interface:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the character limit is 140. To increase this limit we follow these steps:

1. First, go to YourElggFolder/mod/thewire/ and open the file called start.php.

2. Locate this code that is usually located at line 171:

and change the 160 for any amount you want. For the purposes of this guide, I am going to change it to 350. Save it.

2. Now, go to YourElggFolder/mod/thewire/views/default/thewire/forms and open the file add.php. Look for this chunk of code:

And change the three 140 to 350. Save it and now you will have more characters available to write in The Wire.

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Happy Hosting!

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