How to improve your WordPress skills with Javascript (And why?)

WordPress is evolving every day, well every update to be fair, but how can you step ahead of it and make it useful?

According to Matt Mulleweg, WordPress founder, “You need to learn Javascript, and fast.”

On the last WordCamp, Matt and Scott Taylor, the WordPress 4.4 release lead, presented the new WP REST API and some new features, the important of this WP REST API is giving JavaScript-powered applications an enormous chance to run on top of WordPress. One of the examples used in that presentation was a new architecture cade-named “Calypso”. The motivation behind Calypso was to re build the WP Admin from zero, and, here comes the best part, Calypso is a 100% JavaScript leveraging React, something really new for WordPress.

Mullenweg said “I believe quite strongly that JavaScript and API-driven interfaces are the future of not just WordPress but the web,”

So, you need to learn JavaScript if you want to build WordPress themes, or WordPress plugins. Besides it will give you more knowledge to make better websites.

But how to learn JavaScript?
Let me list some of the greatest sites to do it.

JavaScript For Cats – 
Eloquent JavaScript – 
How To Learn JavaScript Properly – 
CodeAcademy – 
W3Schools – 

There are tons of sites for you add to the list, the time you spend will help you understand the new “technologies” that will be use in the next releases of WordPress later this year.

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