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This is a very discussed topic in the Video Sharing communities. I will tell you two easy and quick fixes that will improve your video conversion dramatically. Don’t expect to have a super fine output if your uploaded video has very low quality, remember that to have a HQ output, you must have a HQ input. Some fixes of this article can work for a lot of CB versions, even the 1.7.x branch, but it is written to work with v2.x. I recommend backing up the files we are going to edit in case you want to revert changes in the future. I recommend using a code editor.. I used to use Notepad++ when I coded in Windows, now I use gedit in my Ubuntu, you can use any editor you want.


Difficulty level: Easy.

~~Start of For v2.5.x only

1. Open ffmpeg.class.php located in ./includes/classes/conversion/*

2. Go to line 147, where it says: # video rate

3. Change that line to:

# video bitrate

4. Go to line 148, where it says: if($p[‘use_video_bitrate’])

5. Change it to:


6. Save and upload.

~~End of For v2.5.x only

~~For v2.x

* Make sure your Ffmpeg is compiled with libfaac, otherwise it will not convert the video.

1. Open your admin_area, http://yoursite.tld/admin_area

2. In the left column, look for Website Configurations under Stats and Configurations

3. From the tabs in the top, you will click on Uploading and Conversion Settings

4. Scroll to the bottom where the bitrates, rates, codecs, are set. Here are the settings you are going to type:

Video codec: libx264
Audio codec: libfaac
Video rate: 30
Video bitrate: 640000
Audio rate: 44100
Audio bitrate: 256000

If you are on v2.5.x, choose ‘Youtube like settings’.

5. Update settings.


And that’s it, two easy and quick fixes that will improve your video conversion quality a lot! If you are not getting good results, please let me know your CB version and website URL, and I’ll kindly take a look to see what’s wrong. REMEMBER, to get an HQ output, you need HQ input, that like the golden rule :).


Another way to get HQ/HD conversions, is buying the HD plugins offered by Clip-Bucket, take a look of them here: http://clipbucketmods.com/hd


Anything you need, please let me know.


Warm Regards,


Owner of www.Juapo2Services.com

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7 Comments on [HOW-TO] Improve video conversion quality in Clip-Bucket

  1. kobyn says:

    Hi Richi, I am trying to improve the video quality output on my clip bucket video server with no sucess. Reading your blog I notice the libfaac must be enabled in Ffmpeg. I know nothing about Linux, Centos. How to get help for installing this library? willing to pay.

  2. ThomP says:

    Hello Richi
    I would like you to take a peak at my site. For the most part everything is working and the site is only for my enjoyment and a few friends. Just have some issues with uploads.
    I’m hosted with Arvixe who have been great.

    Thank You

  3. Yasir Malik says:

    my video quality is not same as i upload

  4. wellington says:

    Good evening, I did it on my site and the quality was great just not converting larger files this 15 minutes or more videos. the file is 100MB in size. you know what can ta making this error.

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