How to Get Started with Canada Post in TomatoCart

Canada Post, a leading shipping method is available at TomatoCart stores right now!

Download it from Extension Manager of
At that page, you could read about what it does, requirements, main features etc. This article tells how to install and configure Canada Post.


1. Download the from Extension Manager of

2. As soon as you have unzip the package, you will see three directories(admin, includes, ext) and one file(import.sql) in the package. Copy the three directories into your web root directory where the TomatoCart store is installed. After that please import the sql in the import.sql into your database.


1. Configure the length classes under Admin Panel->Definitions->Length Classes module.

install and configure Canada Post-1

2. Configure the Default Shipping Length Unit under Admin panel->Configuration->Configuration->Shipping/packaging.

install and configure Canada Post-2

3. Install the canadapost shipping module under Admin Panel->Modules->Shipping Modules->Canada post.

install and configure Canada Post-3

4. Click the edit button to set up the CanadaPost:

install and configure Canada Post-4

– Enable CanadaPost Shipping: Set as True, to enable the shipping module.

– Customer Number: Required field. The customer number got from canadapost after creating a developer account.

– API Username: Required field. The username in your API keys got from canadapost after creating a developer account.

– API Password: Required field. The password in your API keys got from canadapost after creating a developer account.

install and configure Canada Post-5

– Origin Postal Code: Required field. Postal Code from which the parcel will be sent. For the canada, the valid format must be as ANANAN or ANA[space]NAN or ANA-NAN. For the us, the valid format must be as NNNNN or NNNNN-NNNN.

– Services: Required field. Service such as DOM.RP – Regular Parcel, DOM.EP – Expedited Parcel etc. For example: DOM.RP, DOM.PC, DOM.XP. Separated the code with a comma.

– CanadaPost Server: Access the CanadaPost development or production server

– Accept Language: This indicates the preferred language of the human readable error message (if error is generated).

– Contract ID: Omit the element for non-contract rates or provide the contract number for commercial (contracted) rates.

– Quote Type: commercial will return the contracted price between Canada Post and the contract
holder.counter will return the regular price paid by consumers

– Display Weight: True to display the weight in the checkout

– Display Dimensions: True to display the Dimensions in the checkout

– Handling Fee: Extra handling fee for such shipping method

– Tax Class:Use the following tax class on the shipping fee.

– Shipping Zone:If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone.

– Sort Order: Sort order of display.

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2 Comments on How to Get Started with Canada Post in TomatoCart

  1. Louise Carreau says:

    Would it be possible to have an updated version of the Canada Post module to suit TomatoCart V1.
    Thank you

    • Jack Yin says:


      Sure. I will have time to implement an update version of Cancada post module within next month. What’s your email address? Once i update it, i will send you an email about it.

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