Generate a CSR in cPanel

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Following are the steps to generate a CSR via your cpanel:

Login to cPanel and go to SSL/TLS Manager.


Go to Private Keys (KEY) and click on the line “Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys.”

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Generate a New Key and select the desired domain name from the pull-down menu, or type it into the Host field. Set the key size to 2048 as this is what usually required by most of the SSL providers.


Now Click on the Generate button then go back to SSL/TLS Manager and go to Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) and click on the line “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.”.

Go to Generate a New Certificate Signing Request. Enter the following information:

  • Host – The domain that you entered or selected when generating the private key.
  • Country – 2 letter abbreviation
  • State – The state in which your organization is located. Do not use an abbreviation.
  • City – The city in which your organization is located.
  • Company – The legally registered name of your organization/company.
  • Company Division – The name of your department within the organization (frequently this entry will be listed as “IT,” “Web Security,” or is simply left blank).
  • Email – Your email address.
  • Pass Phrase – Make up a password to be associated with the certificate and save it somewhere safe.

Once done, click on Generate. The CSR will show. Copy and paste the entire CSR (including the BEGIN and END lines).



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