Fix the Problem with Gift Certificate Data in TomatoCart


Right before you “click” the Confirm Order button during the Checkout process, the system incorrectly displays the “Sender Name” and “Sender Email”.

However, the Shopping Cart correctly displays the “Sender Name” and “Sender Email” & the data stored in the Orders table confirms what the Shopping Cart displays.

See the following screen shots which shows the problem that is explained above.


Figure 1. In the order confirmation, the sender name and send email is wrong

order_totalFigure 2. In the orders table, the sender name and email are correct


— Download the order_confirmation_form.php from

— Put the downloaded order_confirmation_form.php into includes/modules directory on your web server

Done. This issue is solved and the code on the TomatoCart github repository is updated.

If you face any problem and need the instant technical support, just describe the problem in the email and send it to We will provide professional technical support for TomatoCart users.

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