5 Comments on How to Fix Minimum Age For Registration in Clip-Bucket v2.6

  1. stefan says:

    Good day ,

    Great stuff.

    Little question for you :

    How can i add to the registration/signup form the following 2 option :

    1 – Force user to upload an avatar
    2- Input first name and last name


    ps my site is hosted here 😉

    • Hello,

      The form would need some modifications. Essentially, you’re looking to edit ./includes/classes/signup.class.php – add the first and last name fields in the required fields function. I know it might sound confusing or complicated, so I’ll do my best to write an article for this.


  2. stefan says:

    I have follow your steps for the age fix … sorry but it dosent work for me … user can choose year less than 18 years old

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