[HOW-TO] Fix Broken Links in Uploading Page’s Description in Clip-Bucket v2.x


Ever noticed the links in the description of the uploading page do not work? Well, yeah, they do not, and they have not since version 2, or so. But in all that time, very few people have noticed this. If you do not know which links I’m talking about, here is a picture for you to better understand.

We will need a text editor, you can use notepad, notepad++, vi, or whichever editor you prefer. This tutorial works for any v2 branch.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open upload.html located in ./styles/{YOURTHEME}/layout/* with your favorite text editor.

2. Find and replace:

{lang code='upload_right_guide'}


 <div>             <div>               <p>                 <strong>                 <strong>Important:</strong>                 Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or  commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content  you created yourself.</strong></p>                 <p>The                 <a href="YOURLINK">Copyright Tips page</a> and the                 <a href="YOURLINK">Community Guidelines</a> can help you determine whether your video infringes someone else's copyright.</p>                 <p>By clicking "Upload Video", you are representing that this video does not violate Our website's                 <a id="terms-of-use-link" href="YOURLINK">Terms of Use</a>                 and that you own all copyrights in this video or have authorization to upload it.</p>             </div>         </div>

3. Replace ‘YOURLINK’ with your link.

4. Save and Upload.

That is it! Take a look now at it and test your links. Any problems or comments, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Girvar says:

    its displaying html code if i do like that

  2. Stevesan says:

    I found it best to edit the /includes/langs/en.lang file and make the changes there

  3. How do you fix this in the latest version

  4. Lorie says:

    Your method of explaining everything in this article is in fact
    nice, all be able to simply understand it, Thanks a lot.

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