How to Enable SEO URLs in Clip-Bucket v2


Today you will learn how to make your website look more professional. How? By enabling SEO URLs. SEO URLs make the URL look cleaner, shorter, and more user friendly, which is what every website owner wants: make their users feel comfortable in their website. This article applies for the v2 branch of Clip-Bucket. You must have mod_rewrite enabled in the server plus no NGINX or LiteSpeed instead of Apache running.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Login into the admin_area (yoursite.tld/admin_area)

2. In the left column, look for Website Configurations, under Stats and Configurations.

3. Scroll down until you see the SEO urls dropdown. Set it to yes.

4. Scroll to the bottom and Update Settings.

That’s it! If for any reason you receive a not found error, it’s because mod_rewrite was not found. Any question, comment, please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be more than glad assisting you.

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Richi González

I started programming when I was 12. I'm a Developer and have been working with the Clip-Bucket script since it came out. I'm the Liaison between Arvixe and Clip-Bucket, so anything you need regarding Clip-Bucket or any particular computer-related subject you need, let me know so I can assist you.

4 Comments on How to Enable SEO URLs in Clip-Bucket v2

  1. Hey Richie,
    I was wondering how i could customize the social plugin in clip bucket to show my website name after sharing instead of showing via @sharethis. Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      If you are using’s plugin, you won’t be able to do so, as they control what is displayed when something is shared.

      Anything else you need, let me know.


  2. Thanks Richi for the response. If I didn’t want to use ShareThis, and went through facebook and Twitter to get the code needed for the app, where in Clip Bucket would I have to insert the codes to enable users to share video on facebook or twitter?

    • Hello,

      If the code is HTML, you would add in the corresponding HTML file inside ./styles/{YOURTEMPLATE}/layout/FILE.html . On the other hand, if the code to be added is PHP, add it in the corresponding PHP file in ./FILE.php

      For the video page, take a look at watch_video.html and watch_video.php


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