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  1. Sam says:


    Thank for the Plugin.

    I did as per your steps but I got this error below:

    An error occurred with student2student Login. Please try again later.

    API Error Code: 191
    API Error Description: The specified URL is not owned by the application
    Error Message: redirect_uri is not owned by the application.

    Please help. Thank you.

  2. Rodolfo Hernandez says:

    Which version of elgg are you using?

  3. Sam says:

    I am using 1.8

  4. Rodolfo Hernandez says:

    @Sam You will get that error ’cause this is fo 1.7 I will upload a guide for 1.8

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  5. Sam says:

    @Rodolfo Oh ok. Thank you for the reply. When would that be? Could you please drop me an email when the 1.8 is available?

  6. gastre says:

    Hello rj.
    I make this, but in the index don’t appear the facebook button.

    Hola Rj, gracias por el documento. ya he seguido todos estos pasos, de echo tengo funcionando otro plugin tambien llamado facebookservice para actualizar el wire en facebook sin problemas. El problema que tengo es que no me aparece el botón de facebook en el index. He puesto el index normal, ya que tengo un custom-index pero lo he desactivado.
    ¿Que parametros habría que poner en el custom index para que aparezca? es que me estoy volviendo loco, jeje.
    He probado con otro plugin, y con ese si consigo que aparezca, pero abre una ventana y se cierra al momento.
    Un saludo y gracias.

  7. Rodolfo Hernandez says:

    Hello Gastre!

    Ok, tienes que poner el codigo de login with facebook en tu custom index:

    El path es:


    Este es el codigo


    $facebook_link = facebookservice_get_authorize_url();

    $login = <<<__HTML


    echo $login;

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  8. Dyaz says:

    Thanks for this post.
    I did all of this. I’m Using Elgg 1.7.14. When a user want to register, it takes him to facebook, and all the authorization process seems to work on the facebook side. But then the user is taken to the login of my site again. And when he click on login with facebook again, it simply refresh the page.
    Can you help me ?

  9. Hi Dyaz,

    Did you create your API public and secret key correctly? Did you set on facebook the domain in which you will be using the App? Did you set your App to allow login with facebook?

  10. Dyaz says:

    Yes I did all that. All the authorisation proccess works perfectly.

  11. Chad says:

    I am using a very custom theme and I want to put the FB login in a different spot. What code to I need to put where I want the FB button to appear?


  12. Ellie says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >How to Enable Facebook Login in Elgg 1.8 | Arvixe Blog <Loved it!