How to Enable and Disable Modules in phpFox

This article focuses on how to enable and disable modules in phpFox.

The typical installation of phpFox installs all the modules that are a part of the script.  During the install you have the option to choose which modules you want or do not want to install.  Most people don’t utilize this option during installation.  However, you always have the option at any time to disable any modules that you do not want on your site, just as you always have the option to enable any disabled modules.  This can be done easily through your admincp.

Log in to your admincp and select the Extensions menu.  You will see the Module heading on the left, and below that Manage Modules.  Select Manage Modules.

The Manage Modules page has two sections, Core Modules and Modules.  You cannot disable the Core Modules, however you can disable the Modules in the Modules section easily just by clicking the green circle under the Active column to change it to red.  Modules that are enabled show a green circle, modules that are disabled show a red circle.  You can enable a disabled module easily by clicking the red circle under the Active column to change it to green.

You can also completely uninstall a module to disable it.  This in essence removes the module from your site completely, instead of just turning it off.

To uninstall a module, click the arrow in front of the module name and select Uninstall.

An uninstalled module will be listed at the bottom of the Modules list, highlighted in yellow.

If you decide you want to install a module that is uninstalled, click the image to the left of the module name, and it will automatically install the module for you.

Now you should understand how to disable and enable as well install and uninstall modules in phpFox.

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  1. moses says:

    hi m having serious problem i purchased phpfox 3.8 and on the website Admin cpanel under modiles there is no Subscription modules. I got premium meber i have set up now there is no suscription module please help.

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