How to Embed YouTube Videos With the Wire in Elgg 1.8

The wire is a tool that lets your users share content with everybody. However, if you want to share a YouTube video, only a link will appear, instead of the actual video. I saw this issue some time ago and I decided to enhance the wire to truly let you share YouTube videos. In this article I will give a step by step guide on How to embed YouTube videos with the Wire in Elgg 1.8

1. First, download this tool I developed called Wiretube for elgg 1.8 here

2. After downloading the plugin, upload the plugin to the mod folder. If you don’t know how to do that, please read this article.

3. Login on your Elgg network as an Administration and go to the Administration Dashboard:

4. Then go to menu “Configure ->Plugins” and activate the plugin:

Activating wiretube for elgg 1.8

5. Upon activation of the plugin, click on “Settings” to change the plugin’s option:

Settings for wiretube for elgg 1.8

6. In the settings page, select “Yes” to enable YouTube embedding:

7. And that’s it! Every time anyone shares a YouTube link via The Wire, it will be embedded:

Wiretube: Youtube video embedded

This is the best way to share and embed videos in elgg 1.8 This tool I developed along with another elgg community user, doesn’t add server load like other plugins that claim to do this. Not only that, it is lightweight, easy to use and does not conflict with themes or plugins.

Note: You must have enabled the plugin “The Wire”.

This concludes How to embed YouTube videos with the Wire in Elgg 1.8

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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