How to Edit Users in Chevereto

Hello once again!

Today we are going to discuss how to edit the users that join your site using Chevereto!

It’s fairly simple and an easy process to edit users.

So go ahead and log into your account and select dashboard. After you do that you will look for users like so:


This will take you to a page that looks like this:


On this page it displays the users that you have registered to your site. In order to edit their settings you just click on them and you will be taken to a page like so:


Here you have a few options. You can view what they have posted, and what they have viewed however what we are concerned are the two options next to the name like so:


Edit profile is where you can edit the users settings. Delete user is exactly what it says. It allows you to delete the user that you have selected. However we are concerned with editing the user settings so click edit profile and you will be taken to the following page:


So let’s work down the list:

User ID: This is the id that they have starting with one which is you since you are the first person to join.

Join Date: This is when they joined

Status: This allows you to select whether or not they are active or banned or inactive. It also can be selected to make the system force resend the validation email.

Role: This allows you to make them a regular member (Default) or change them to an Admin.

Username: This allows you to change their username if you wish.

On to the next part of the page:


Email Address: This allows you to edit their email address if you wish.

Language: This allows you to change their default language. However the Default is English.

Timezone: This allows you to manually edit the users timezone.

On the left click Profile it looks like this:


This section has two sections you can edit:

Name: This allows you to change the name if you think it’s inappropriate.

Website: This allows you to change their website URL.

Then on the left click Password it looks like this:


This allows you to change their password if they forgot it or don’t have access to their email that they registered with. However I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless the user can verify themselves.

It’s that simple! If you need any help leave a comment below or contact Arvixe Support!

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