How to Edit the Text on New Members’ E-mail Notifications in Elgg

Elgg’s default e-mail notification message for new users is not very friendly. However, you can change the text that is sent to users when they sign up on your site to anything you want. In this article, I will give you step by step guide on how to edit the text on new members’ e-mail notifications in Elgg.

1. First, go to YourElggFolder/mod/uservalidationbyemail/languages/

2. Open the file en.php

3. Now let’s change the text of the new members email notifications. For example, instead of telling the new user to please confirm your email address!, we will change it for something more friendly. Look for this line of code:

4. Edit the text that is under double quotes right next to the “=>”, leaving the “%s” intact:

5. Save it. You have just changed the text of the  confirmation message.

The same procedure is for the rest of the text in that file. Just remember to keep this intact or use it appropiate: %s

This concludes how to edit the text on new members email notifications in Elgg.

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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3 Comments on How to Edit the Text on New Members’ E-mail Notifications in Elgg

  1. beb says:

    Can i use my site logo in my conformation link.
    If it, hw?

  2. Rodolfo Hernandez says:

    You cannot. Elgg filters any HTML code in notifications messages. You will have to use a third party email notification plugin to accomplish that.

  3. Hannah says:

    Can we add a link to the about page on the site in the confirmation email? If so, how would this be written? I know href tag doesn’t work. Thanks.


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