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Like a week ago, somebody in the forums was asking how to display the number of friends a user has on one of his Clip-Bucket pages. I replied to him with the way to do it and decided to write an article about it, as maybe other CB users would like to do the same. So I hope you find it useful. Works for CB v2.

1. Open the .html page you want to show the number of friends. For this example, I’ll be using watch_video.html

2. Paste the following at the top:

{assign var=userFriendsCount value=$userquery->get_contacts($u.userid,'0','yes','true')}


If you want the number of friends to be of the currently logged in user, replace $u.userid with userid(). If not, you may need to replace $u, with $user, depending on what variable name the user details array was saved in.

3. Use the following code to show the numbers, pasting it wherever you want the number to appear:



4. Save and Upload.

And there you go. If for some reason it doesn’t work or you get stuck at any point, please do not hesitate to contact me to personally assist you. Any question, comment or article suggestion is welcomed.

Best Regards,


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